Bee beds

From dream to a achieved goal - create a bee house with beds that allow you to sleep on the bees very close to them and breathe the healing air. There are 150,000 bees under one bed. Special bio-field are formed around bee hives, which results in human-bee bio-fields interacting. It makes adjustments to human health.

When lying on a bee bed, the vibration is not strong because it works in the level of cells that have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Contact with bees helps cleanse liver cells and stimulates renewal. Hive therapy has a beneficial effect on the central and peripheral nervous system. It is recommended for growing organism, as well as strengthens immunity, harmonizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Because of the bee biomagnetic field, the functioning of human organs normalizes, and immunity improves. Sleeping on hives easily restores strength and relaxes.

Hive therapy also helps to solve orthopedic problems. While a person is sleeping on a hive, the body is getting warm up from bottom. Influenced by heat and bioenergy inflammation relieves from the back, lumbar and neck.

Hive therapy and most effective in April-September when active hatching time. This type of therapy is comparable to treatment with horses, dolphins, etc., but is simpler, because sleeping on specifically bed is easy for children, even baby.

Price EUR 15,00 for 1 person and EUR 30,00 for two persons.


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