Our little Latvia is one of the few countries where 100% pure and genuine beeswax candles are available, which is a great privilege. Nowadays due to the high quality properties of beeswax, it is used only in cosmetics and medicine.

Beeswax is harvested right here in Latvia, so wax candles are a natural product. Because of this fact, the tone of the wax candles can also change greatly. Beeswax candles can also serve as a décor because they smell nice even if they are not lit.

Only the burning of real beeswax candles emit the essential oils contained in the wax and disinfects the space by burning dust, bacteria and even some good viruses. Wax candles also purify the air of the room, eliminating various unpleasant scents. Wax candles burn much longer than artificial paraffin candles.